Wednesday, 14 March 2018

March Madness Sales on NOW at Premier Marine


It's been a huge Summer and there's still so much boating fun to be had out on the water! If you've been sitting on the fence umming and arring about whether you should just jump aboard a sweet life changing boat, now is the time to act! 

We've decided to dedicate the rest of March to doing deals and we'd love to get you into one of our prestige or luxury boats in stock!

We note this is a one time only offer. There's only one model for each boat presented too, so act fast!

You deserve to have a boat you can feel proud of and love every single day you're out cruising! There aren't any boats even worth comparing to our premium range, so you'll be so thankful you got yourself a quality, sporty and sexy boat! New to boating? Well, buckle up as your life is about to change forever.

Let's Make some Magic together and Get you Living your Dream Lifestyle Now!

The Chris Craft 36 Launch is a serious head turner and is everything you could possibly dream of in a boat! You'll never want to drive a car again once you experience the drive and handing. Learn first hand why a Chris Craft is the most iconic boat brand in the world and affectionately termed the James Bond of Boats. This boat will entertain all your friends and family in style and if you're a long range cruising type of boater, you'll love cruising outside the heads and up to Palmy for the weekend! Did anyone say sunset dinner at Jonas? 

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We  predicted the trend towards outboards in luxury boats back when it was just an idea in manufacturers'  minds and offered on fishing boats, so to now see some amazing boat designs coming out with outboard options? well the industry has certainly caught up! This Regal 29 OBX is an incredible outboard powered boat. She's all about day boating, taking on huge chop and heading off-shore if this is what floats your boat! Considering this model won best boat of the year, it's obvious we're not the only fans! 

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This Absolute 40 STL is another one of those wow factors and to be honest, for me, this is the only model that gives the Chris Craft 36 a run for it's money! And speaking of money, it's probably the price that'd get me into this one over any other model for it's sheer size and euro-chic cockpit and cabin layouts. This is an amazing family boat, party boat, day boat, and sleeper, so you'll never be left wanting for more. Your jaw will drop when you see it, feel it, drive it and hear the price we'll let it go for! This is one boat that's going to move fast, both from our dealership and out on the water, so get in contact with us now to learn more! 

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It's possible you've not heard of Rand, our newest edition to the Premier fleet, which is making a huge impact globally, for the boating lifestyle it affords, but also for being the most environmentally friendly boat brand in the world.  A Rand hull is made of recycled plastic bottles and wooden elements obtained entirely from sustainable forests.

Our Rand boats also have electric and solar powered options o create a silent and fume free cruising experience. We're pleased to add one of our Picnic Sport models to our March Madness Sale! You will love the danish design that is surprisingly cost effective, for what is an outside the box next level boat! 

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Zar Formenti is our tender and inflatable brand, which is the best quality, performance driven tender. Most inflatables age and require repair after only a year or so in our hot sun, not to mention an inflatable is renowned for being bouncy with the potential of losing your guests! A Zar has a super deep vee hull, however and is made from fibreglass to ensure you get smooth and dry ride. Whether it's a tender for your mothership or a stand alone water toy you're after, you'll love the Zar ZF1. 

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If you've seen a boat that has grabbed your attention do get in contact us as we'd love to show you through your desired model. Then, let's sit down and make a March Madness deal!

Happy Boating
Premier Marine

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