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Yep, it's that time of the year again and isn't it just gloriously delicious! It's time to dust off the boat webs and swimming costume and head for the Harbour! For those of you who already have a Premier Boat, you'll know first hand how amazing and truly life changing owning a quality boat is. For those of you who feel it’s still a someday maybe dream, you might like to check out the Sydney Weekender Family Day Out, which was filmed with our award winning Regal 2100. Watching this certainly made me want to get out on the water.

If your heart is set on a boating lifestyle that is a little more upscale, you will want to look at Chris Craft or Frauscher for the most premium day boats as well as the Absolute 40 STL, which is a new release.

Want a taste of the Premier Marine Lifestyle? Click here to watch our video

We've sold the majority of our stock boats so do contact us as soon as possible if you're wishing to jump aboard this Summer.

If you'd love to be the proud owner of a luxury Premier boat but can't quite stretch to the price, don't forget we have a selective range of boats available via syndication, which could see you own a share (for example) in an Absolute 45 for the price of a sport boat. Our boats are incomparable to ranges offered in any other syndication/boat share alternatives! Of course, congratulations to Ian Rose and his team at
Luxury Boat Syndicates on their amazing Absolute 40 STL, which has just arrived in Sydney.

With this amazing weather upon us, our boats are flying out of the Marina! I've chosen my top 5 new and pre-loved boats that are still available and would suggest you act fast, if you're wanting a boat for Summer.
Of course, keep in mind we have between 6 to 12 month lead times on boat orders so it's also time to be looking at your options now in more detail even if you're a while off. Don't forget the pricing increases annually as well, so you could get the best price now by placing your order ahead of time.

If you're feeling a little stumped trying to find the perfect christmas gift that says "I love you and I want to spend more quality time with you", there's nothing like a boat that will see the entire family fall in love. As they say, 'families that boat together, stay together'.

Happy Boating,

From Lee, Steve and the Premier Team.


Christmas has certainly come early for some very excited boat owners with the arrival of 2 Absolute 40 STL models. This baby is set to be the sexiest 40 foot day boat in Australia. I personally fell in love with this model when she was released some 18 months ago. As soon as I saw her, I knew she’d be the best boat for Sydney as she ticked every box imaginable and is amazing value for what is a sexy euro-chic brand. One of the models was put into syndication through Ian at Luxury Boat Syndicates and sold out before she arrived, which is testament to this boat being a stand out model.

For anyone wishing to have the best day boat possible but with the capacity to take her away for weekend adventures, the  is the only choice! Her performance and handling is absolutely outstanding.  Click here to watch the video tour of the Absolute 40 STL

If you’re a little way off from owning your very own luxury day boat/overnighter, this is one baby you need to see and place an order as she has a 12 month lead time. That’s how amazing she is as she’s hit star status all over the European market.


Check out the James Bond Heinken AD featuring our Frauscher 747 Mirage by clicking here.

We couldn't be more proud to represent such an amazing brand like Frauscher! This is easily the best and most exciting boat footage I've ever seen!

Frauscher was established in 1927 and are renowned for their premium quality, aggressive and sharp lines and absolutely forward thinking designs. There really is no comparison!
You can also view the 747 Mirage model by clicking here


The first model released in Australia, the 2100 Surf Edition is absolutely the only choice for any heavy duty watersports fanatic.

View the exciting video by clicking here.

Wakesurfing might be the coolest new tow sport to develop in boating in the past 50 years. It’s low-impact and the basics are fairly easy to master, so kids and adults can all enjoy it. The only caveat — it’s not really a tow sport. Sure, you use a tow rope to start, but once up and in the sweet spot of the boat’s wake, you use the power generated by the wave, not the boat. To do so you have to get ridiculously close to the transom, a fact that previously made it safe to enjoy only behind V-drive and inboard boats with six-figure sticker prices. Earlier this year, Volvo Penta introduced its Forward Drive, which has a lower unit like a sterndrive but with the props facing forward — so that they pull the boat rather than push it, like Volvo’s innovative IPS system for diesel engines does. 
  The Forward Drive tucks the props in front of the drive rather than sticking out behind, with the extended swim platform adding an extra layer of protection. With the RX package, you get upgraded upholstery and graphics plus the PowerTower — a boarding must-have that raises the tow point up and closer to the boat’s centre of gravity, eliminating rider pull during elevated tow sports like wakeboarding and wakeskating. It’s tricked out with speakers and swiveling board racks, and it lowers with the push of a button for trailering or transiting under bridges.

The Surf Edition adds the Forward Drive, the Regal View helm — a touch-screen master command multifunction display — surf tabs and a ballast system. With Regal View, the driver can set the controls and adjust the surf tabs to the rider’s preferences and then set the boat so that it automatically accelerates to the desired speed and makes the boat list to either port or starboard to help sculpt the wake to the rider’s preferred side. Two 80-gallon ballast bags sit under the sun pad to either side of the transom, and a third one fills up the insole locker in the cockpit. They fill with water at the push of a button on the Regal View.


Regal Boats are absolutely dominating the sport boat/cruiser market and we love that they are the better choice when compared to everything else out there 'in class'. We can thank the patented and award winning FasTrac Hull for that, as well as our Regal boats being built with a lighter composite called Nida Core. Both these elements gives you 30% better fuel economy and 26% better performance from your engine. Not to mention, the smoothest, driest ride on the market.


You're guaranteed to turn heads every where you go when your boating on Sydney Harbour and beyond.

3. REGAL 2800

The Regal 2800 is a big day boat that is jampacked with style and innovation and promises a brilliant day out for all your friends and family. You will love the huge seating areas in the cockpit and bow; the oversized swim platform with power platform, the aft adjustable seats and of course the power tower. This boat is the perfect size for off-shore cruising up to Pittwater and for creating extended boating adventures out on the water.

You will love her innnovative power tower, electric swim platform and massive boat party style layout! She's made to entertain your family and all your friends in comfort and style. Of course, the patented and award winning FasTrac Hull is always a brilliant feature, seen on all Regal Boats, that gives you the smoothest, driest and quickest ride on the market. Not to mention you get 26% better performance from your engine and 30% better fuel economy!


It's very rare that we have a big boat built and ready for purchase at the factory, but this is an exciting opportunity if you've been wishing to have an exceptional 60 footer but don't wish to wait to have her built.

This amazing Absolute 60 Fly is brilliantly optioned and you will want for absolutely nothing more in a boat!

From the time of your purchase, it will only be 6 weeks until delivery!

Absolute Yachts are IPS Pioneers and you will love the following benefits:-
Lighter Hull Weight Increased Strength and Durability of the Laminate Hull and Planking Easier Functionality Lower Fuel Consumption No Vibration and Less Noise Increased Strength and durability of the laminate hull and planking Functionality- ease of operation, fast response time, absent or a reduced need for the bow propeller Stability at Anchor and Better Balance


1. REGAL 1900ES

The REGAL 1900ES is a brilliant price that promises a great day out for your special friends  family. With the award winning hull design, she handles better than any other 20 footer out there. This is the perfect size for trailering and taking your boat on awesome holidays away! Did anyone say "beach house and boating this Christmas?"

As Regal is a family owned company, you will see and feel the pride that goes into every single Regal and the 1900 is no exception. In fact, you will find the same upholstery, fixtures and fittings, style and quality in our 1900 as to what you will find on their flagship 53 footer. This is pretty much unheard of as a lot of manufacturers appoint the quality stuffs on 28 feet and above! Go Regal!


Anyone who will listen to my boating rants will know my all time favourite dream boat is this Chris Craft Silver Bullet. She purrs louder than any boat I've been on, she's an absolute wild stalion out on the water and she's the sexiest looking little boat I've ever laid eyes on. She's fitted with a Volvo 5.7L GXI, which is a lot of horsepower in a 20 footer. Hence, she's my dream boat.

This baby will host you plus 4 lucky guests! She's all about getting out for an adrenalin inducing blast, finding your own secluded beach and swimming off the transom or jumping waves out in the chop! She handles better than any other 20 footer I've ever been and you will be amazed at her power and handling and feel good vibes she gives you.


This Regal 2550 is virtually brand new and available well below her value for a quick sale. She's the perfect choice for a sporty and exciting day boat but with a cuddy cabin to get out of the sun or have nights away with your loved one. The tower is awesome for wakeboarding enthusiasts and she’s a great boat for waterskiing and tubing as well.

This Regal is the perfect size for taking on all conditions including off-shore/long range cruising. She's also a boat you can trailer, which could be great for creating amazing boating adventures with your friends and family.

4. REGAL 2700

Before the Regal 2800 was released, this amazing Regal 2700 was our favourite day boat in the Regal range. She's big and beautiful and boasts the upgraded Volvo 8.1L engine! A fully optioned boat that has always lived on a trailer and well maintained, this baby is well worth your consideration. One drive on her and you'll be hooked!

5. Chris Craft Catalina 29

As an all-round sportsboat the Chris Craft Catalina 29 is a real winner. She has the panache and exclusivity to entertain up to 10 guests in style, with room to move around the separate living spaces at the bow and stern.

This amazing 29 Catalina is set up for the serious fisherman and family boater alike. She's brilliantly optioned and ready to love and enjoy this Summer!

We can rarely get enough Catalina models in stock to meet demand and you will absolutely love this brilliantly optioned luxury plaything!


Happy Summer Boating Season

We take this time to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year and we hope you enjoy your boating season with your friends and family! Do take it easy, always have lots of water on your boat, snacks and sunscreen. Remember drinking and boating doesn't always mix, so everything in moderation or arrange for a skipper on your festive boating days out!

Contact us now if any boat you've seen has tickled your fancy as our stock is at an all time low! Do let us know if there's a particular brand and model that you want as it's very likely we can source it for you!

Happy Boating
from Lee, Steve and the Premier Team


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