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Sydney Boat Show at Darling Harbour 30 July to 3 August 2015

Sydney Boat Show at Darling Harbour

Our Sydney Boat Show kicks off this THURSDAY 30 JULY to 3 AUGUST 2015 and this year, we've got the most impressive line up that promises to excite passionate boaters and novices alike. This is one show you shouldn't miss! Stop everything and clear your calendar! If you've been toying with the idea of transforming your lifestyle, I promise, you won't be disappointed taking the time to check out our offering.

Steve Heese, the Chris Craft President (pictured with Steve and I) is joining us on the Marina so do stop by and say g'day! His passion is absolutely infectious and he will always be my biggest inspiration!

Want a taste of the Premier Marine Lifestyle? Click here to watch our video

With 2 stands at the Show, we're excited to have our Australian Launches for the Regal 2100 Surf Edition and Regal 2000ESX on display at Hall 5, Stand 501, which promises to be an absolute game changer for watersports enthusiasts and family cruisers alike.

On the Marina, alongside our associate, Ian Rose from Luxury Boat Syndicates, our new model launches are unbeatable; including the Regal 2500 RX, Regal 2800, Chris Craft 36 Corsair Hardtop and the Absolute 52 Fly! Making her second visit to the show is the Absolute 45 Fly, which has made huge waves since her arrival to Rose Bay/Point Piper Marina.

Also on display are our award winning favourites, being the Chris Craft 32 Launch, 28 Corsair, 25 Launch and 23 Catalina and from Regal Boats, we have the 35 Sport Coupe and 46 Sport Coupe.

If you'd love to be the proud owner of a luxury Premier boat but can't quite stretch to the price, don't forget we have a selective range of boats available via syndication, which could see you own a share (for example) in a 52 footer for the price of a 28 foot sport boat. What a compelling option indeed! Our boats are incomparable to ranges offered in any other syndication/boat share alternatives!

As we have so many boats on display, I've chosen a few of my absolute favourites! If you would like to receive any information on any of the boats, feel free to email me or I look forward to seeing you at the Boat Show!

Happy Boating,

From Lee, Steve and the Premier Team.


I can barely contain my excitement as I introduce you to the all new Chris Craft Corsair 36 Hardtop! This Australian first has been on the most eagerly awaited, not just from us at Premier, but from so many of you asking me when we'd be launching this exceptional model in Australia! Finally the wait is over and yes, it's been well worth the wait!

The Corsair 36 is the mother ship in the range and is an absolute headturner! For anyone wishing to have the best day boat possible but with the capacity to take her away for week long adventures, she is the only choice! Her performance and handling is second to none and exactly like her younger sisters in the range.

Chris Craft, established in 1874, is the most iconic boat brand built in the world and the first ever motor boat built in the world. She's appeared in more Hollywood Blockbusters than any other boat brand AND they've never paid for product placement, which is a testament to how brilliant these boats are. One drive on a Chris Craft and you will know first hand, why they're renowned as the James Bond of Boats.

Absolute 52 Fly- Australian Launch

This magnificent Absolute 52 Fly is making her exciting debut at the Show and you will kick yourself if you don't jump aboard to see what all the fuss is about! An absolute world-leading flybridge and recently launched in Europe, this is one boat that has no competitors.

You will love the IPS engines as they're the most technologically advanced propulsion systems available world-wide, which gives you more space, is quieter in motion, gives better performance and 30% better fuel economy. Forget the antiquated options available on most other brands on the market. All good boaties in the know are aware that IPS is the only system of choice!
The visibility of an Absolute Yacht is far superior to any other big boat we've seen. This also equates to the natural light and airy nature of the Absolute.
The euro chic styling both inside and out promises to excite even the most discerning owner.

This boat is available to forward order and via syndication.

Regal 2800- Australian Launch

There has never been so much hype surrounding a new boat launch as the Regal 2800 and now you can see first hand why this is one day boat that can't be overlooked. Once you see her, she will jump straight to number one on your shortlist! Yes, she's that good. Having jumped aboard her yesterday to take her to the Show, we were blown away by her luxury, sporty feel, not to mention the amazing performance.

You will love her innnovative power tower, electric swim platform and massive boat party style layout! She's made to entertain your family and all your friends in comfort and style. Of course, the patented and award winning FasTrac Hull is always a brilliant feature, seen on all Regal Boats, that gives you the smoothest, driest and quickest ride on the market. Not to mention you get 26% better performance from your engine and 30% better fuel economy!

Bravo and congratulations to Regal Boats! It's because of their exceptional models that we win more awards in Australia than any other dealer! What an honour to represent such a brilliant family owned company that strives to achieve perfection!

Regal 2500 RX- Australian Launch

Regal Boats are absolutely dominating the sport boat/cruiser market and we love that they constantly push the boundaries and develop all new features and models year upon year! The 2500 RX is the most sporty and sexy sport boat which is great for family cruising and advanced watersports!

You're guaranteed to turn heads every where you go when your boating on Sydney Harbour and beyond.

You will love the innovative power tower, sport graphics, upgraded stereo performance package and the all new colour schemes and interior appointments!

Chris Craft 32 Launch- Australia's Award Winning Big Luxury Day Boat

There is more wow factor is this big day boat, than words can express! If you have a passion for prestige cars, than the Chris Craft is your own water alternative. A Chris Craft is like your Aston Martin, Lamborghini or Bentley on water and when you jump aboard, it's easy to see why!

And did I mention the dash on a Chris Craft is based off a 1960's Aston Martin?

The 32 Launch has a cabin to sleep 2 overnight which is absolutely brilliant for a bowrider. The head (toilet) onboard is in a league of its own! You will delight all your friends and family on this exceptionally sized 'day boat' that begs for lengthy off-shore cruising! I promise you, you'd be hardpressed to get even a drop on the windscreen!

This is dayboating at it's finest!

Absolute 45 Fly

The Absolute 45 Fly was such a hero at last year's Boat Show that we knew she had to take the stage again this year! She certainly struts her stuff and we refuse to believe there could be any other 45 footer that could truly compare to her euro-chic appeal!

Available for forward order and by syndication, she's a must see on our stand!


Australia's Award Winning Regal 2100 is now available in this all new Regal 2100 Surf Edition!

The 2100 Surf Edition is set to be yet another game changer for watersports enthusiasts and family cruising alike. We have this exceptional new model on display in Hall 5, Stand 501.

What an exciting all new offering! View the exciting video by clicking here.

Wakesurfing might be the coolest new tow sport to develop in boating in the past 50 years. It’s low-impact and the basics are fairly easy to master, so kids and adults can all enjoy it. The only caveat — it’s not really a tow sport. Sure, you use a tow rope to start, but once up and in the sweet spot of the boat’s wake, you use the power generated by the wave, not the boat. To do so you have to get ridiculously close to the transom, a fact that previously made it safe to enjoy only behind V-drive and inboard boats with six-figure sticker prices. Earlier this year, Volvo Penta introduced its Forward Drive, which has a lower unit like a sterndrive but with the props facing forward — so that they pull the boat rather than push it, like Volvo’s innovative IPS system for diesel engines does.

The Forward Drive tucks the props in front of the drive rather than sticking out behind, with the extended swim platform adding an extra layer of protection. With the RX package, you get upgraded upholstery and graphics plus the PowerTower — a boarding must-have that raises the tow point up and closer to the boat’s centre of gravity, eliminating rider pull during elevated tow sports like wakeboarding and wakeskating. It’s tricked out with speakers and swiveling board racks, and it lowers with the push of a button for trailering or transiting under bridges.
The Surf Edition adds the Forward Drive, the Regal View helm — a touch-screen master command multifunction display — surf tabs and a ballast system. With Regal View, the driver can set the controls and adjust the surf tabs to the rider’s preferences and then set the boat so that it automatically accelerates to the desired speed and makes the boat list to either port or starboard to help sculpt the wake to the rider’s preferred side. Two 80-gallon ballast bags sit under the sun pad to either side of the transom, and a third one fills up the insole locker in the cockpit. They fill with water at the push of a button on the Regal View.

CHRIS CRAFT 28 CORSAIR- The Epitome of Sydney Harbour Boating

When you think of Chris Craft, the first image that springs to most people's minds is the Corsair 28. She's been a favourite amongst Sydney's elite boating community for so many years and was described as the epitome of Sydney Harbour boating. There's boating and then there's Chris Crafting.

Whenever I'm talking about boats, I warn people, "don't ever go on a Chris Craft unless it's a serious option for calling her your own as it will change your entire of perception of what boating represents." I know this is as a fact as it was true for me and for everyone that owns one. In fact, I recall a wonderful Chris Craft client who within about a minute of being on his test drive with us said "damn it...I knew it would be good, but not this good."

A Chris Craft isn't just a pretty face, she's an exceptional performer! Her unique deep flared bow absolutely cuts through the chop like nothing else and her turning circle of a 20c peice is exciting, exhilerating, adrenalin inducing and absolutely addictive!

We look forward to seeing you all at the Boat Show! Trust me, this is one show you don't want to miss and of course, if you're doing some pre-show research, feel free to contact me for any further information or brochures on any of our models.

Happy Boating from Lee, Steve and the Premier/ Luxury Boat SyndicatesTeam.

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