Wednesday, 27 May 2015


The Best Boats to have you Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness! 

As Australia's most successful and award winning boutique boat business, it's an absolute privilege to have the power to choose amazing premium brands to represent in Australia. 

We choose our boats based on us personally falling in love with them, which is probably quite a unique business decision, not to mention the importance for us to like the owners behind the brands. We only represent family and privately owned boat brands, which we feel helps us in achieving the best quality and service possible.

Seven years ago, Steve and I embarked on this incredible journey and I've been quoted as saying I plan to revolutionise this Industry. Nothing has changed and we certainly never wish to rest on our laurels. Ever so humbling, we've proudly achieved more than we could've dreamt of and we're constantly striving to achieve more. I thoroughly enjoy giving my honest advice when it comes to boats, especially with new boaters as we're here, not to just make a sale, but to ensure the luxury lifestyle that is so addictive, is achieved for each one of our clients. I feel blessed to represent the world's best boat brands and I feel so happy to know we basically have a boat to suit every whim, desire and budget. So, I'm pleased to share with you my personal favourites. 

As many of you already know my love and passion for boating started with Chris Craft and my goodness do they produce the most beautiful, high performance boats. They're easily the most iconic boat brand in the world and thankfully, their hull design is perfectly conducive to our uniquely choppy conditions. 

Chris Craft Silver Bullet Limited Edition
The Chris Craft Silver Bullet ignited an unbelievable sense of power, love and freedom in myself that is quite remarkable. To me, my first drive of the Bullet changed me forever. This model is the closest feeling you can have of being in a prestige racing car on water and she will always be my one true love. At only 20 feet, this boat is perfect for trailering around in search of some pristine waterways around our gorgeous country side.

Chris Craft Silver Bullet Limited Edition
Frauscher 717 GT 
Established in 1927, Frauscher is renowned as being one of the most premium european power boats and they certainly won us over when destiny brought us together at a Boat Show in Genoa. The love affair was instant and as far as a 23 foot boat goes, nothing can compare to this unique gem. Well nothing except for the latest releases from Frauscher including 858 Fantom and 747 Mirage. Gentleman start your engines! 

Cranchi Panama 24

Introducing Cranchi our latest euro-chic boat brand that was established in 1870 and is making huge waves on the european circuit. I'm in love with the Cranchi Panama 24 foot cabin boat as she's amazingly cost effective and she's offered with outboard engines!! It's quite rare to see such a sexy sport boat with outboards, but I see this as a future trend that is going to take off. Outboards are fantastic for maintenance and I personally love the look of them. The cabin area is surprising roomy and this is great boat for a day of cruising and overnighting. 

Cranchi Endurance 30
The Cranchi Endurance 30 is one lean, mean european boating machine that promises to turn heads and exhilarate your guests! I particularly love that a lot of the Cranchi models are built with a centre console, which makes complete sense when you're the Captain at the helm. This baby begs to shoot off through the heads in search of some whales and dolphins and is the perfect layout for Sydney Summer!

Cranchi Eco Trawler 53
Part of the fun of being our own bosses and living with a true passion for boats and the lifestyle, we love sourcing the next big trends that we see us and our wonderful clients absolutely falling in love with. This is the stuff that excites us. We're seeing a massive wave of excitement based around contemporary and stylish trawlers. Cranchi has released 2 trawlers, which are award winning and are going absolutely gangbusters! Built for serious fun and long range cruising, this baby is a true head turner! 

Premier Marine proudly represents 7 luxury brands and are based out of Point Piper Marina. It's so hard to choose only a few of my all time favourite boats as we are lucky enough to represent the best boats in the world. If you're looking for a new or pre-loved boat and want some advice, contact me as I'd love to steer you in the right direction!
Happy Boating
From Lee and Steve 


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