Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for your Beloved Boatie!


Christmas is just around the corner and if you're looking for the perfect gift for the boatie in your life, look no further! Here's our top 10 gift ideas full of nautical flair for the Captain, First Mate and Deckies. 



We're in love with the about to be released Chris Craft Watch, which comes in a variety of styles and colours. Priced at only $199 this watch will become a style icon, alongside your treasured Chris Craft. Get set to be the envy of your friends and what an awesome conversation starter at your next Christmas Party. 



So you have your Chris Craft lovingly bobbing up and down at your dock? Well what better way to stay zen at the office, than with your very own Chris Craft Boat Model adorning your desk. Priced from $1600, this is the best gift to buy the Captain that has everything! 



Fane Levy has entered the men's luxury shoe market and is taking it by storm! Don't miss out on the special offers available now for only $65.00



Nautical Anchor Shirt by Handsome Me
Sailing Boat Shirt by Handsome Me priced at $79.99

Every young man should look ultra cool at the helm and what better way to achieve the nautical look than with the Nautical Anchor Shirt by Handsome Me, one of Sydney's Top Menswear Designer. Priced at only $79.99 with slim fit sizing perfect for going from boat to party, day to night. Sailing Boat Shirt by Handsome Me priced at $79.99



This SEABOB F5 S is the ultimate high-performance craft. Weighing just 35 kg, the vehicle possesses extremely good handling properties out of the water. Its driving performance is second to none. The SEABOB F5 S boasts an impressive propulsive force of 680 newtons. The E-Jet Power System is controlled in 6 power levels.




We're absolutely in love with this on trend bikini designed and made by Andy at Muchacho clothing. With a store based at the iconic Bondi Beach, you can also buy online at www.muchachoclothing.com 


One of our favourite pastimes is visiting our beautiful beaches and pulling up anchor and swimming into the shore. Andy, the designer at Muchacho actually photographs local and international icons and has his images printed on the most beautiful dresses. Perfect to chuck on after a swim! What an amazing gift for the true first mate! 



All Boaties will fall in love with these custom Chris Craft iPhone and iPad covers! Stand out in a Sea of Sameness! iPhone Case is only $50.00 and IPAD case is $65.00



If you have a skater in the family, you can't look past the custom Chris Craft skateboards! As absolute works of art, you will be wanting one for cruising and one as a wall feature in your home! Priced from $320.




These gorgeous Regal Boats Teddy Bears will have your little deckies light up with glee on Christmas morning! Ultra soft and cuddly, your kids will enjoy every boating adventure with their newest friends on board. These adorable Regal Boats Teddy Bears are priced at $30.00.


The Family that Boats Together...Stays Together!  Otto- a boating based dining experience that has a private berth available!

There's nothing like arriving by boat to enjoy a luxury culinary experience. One of our favourite things to do by boat is to book a private berth at Otto and enjoy a meal together. Why not buy a gift voucher for your family from Otto and enjoy the journey and the destination!

Otto is based at Woolloomooloo Wharf, prepare to enjoy your dinner surrounded by celebrity! 

We hope you enjoyed viewing our Top 10 choices for Christmas gifts for the special boatie in your life! 

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Safe and Happy Boating Season Ahead.

From Lee and Steve at Premier Marine.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

2014 Sydney Boat Show

Premier Marine invites you to the 2014 Sydney International Boat Show. 

Visit Us from 31 July to 4 August at the Marina in Darling Harbour and at Glebe Island in Hall 3, stand 345. 

We're excited to be launching our new brand, Absolute Yachts on the Marina where we will have the 45 Fly and 56 Fly on display. Built in Italy, these boats promise to surpass all expectations in every light. These beautiful boats are available through syndication also, which is a great option to consider.

Absolute 45 Fly being put through her paces on Sydney Harbour! What a dynamite!! 
Absolute 56 Fly dominating Sydney Harbour
We're also excited to be launching Zar Formenti, inflatable boats, which will be on display in Hall 3, stand 345, at the Convention Centre at  Glebe Island.
ZAR 53
 The Zar 53 seats 10 guests and is the perfect tender or stand alone boat for the entire family to love and enjoy. With a brilliant deep vee hull, Zar promises to take on choppy conditions like no other inflatable. View this model at the Convention Centre
At 11 feet, the ZF1 is a brilliant option for zooming around the Harbour with fun and adrenalin in mind.  The deep vee hull ensures brilliant performance and comfort, the rigid bow offers more interior space.View this model at the Convention Centre

Chris Craft Launch 25

Chris Craft Corsair 28 
Easily the most iconic boat brand in the world, Chris Craft stands tall in a league of her own. With her deep vee hull and stunning good looks, there is never any need to compromise. View this boat on the Marina.
Chris Craft 32 Launch 
The 32 Launch is a massive head turner and enjoys playing host to 16 guests! With a boat of this size, there are no areas that are off limits and you're promised a smooth, dry and exciting ride out on the Harbour and beyond. View this boat on the Marina 

The award winning Regal 2100 is easily the best 21 foot sport boat. 

Our biggest seller, the 2100 is the lightest, quickest and strongest in her class, hence she wins so many awards!

View this boat at the Convention Centre
Regal 24 FasDeck 

The Regal 24 FasDeck is an amazing offering, which has a brilliant layout and perfect power to weight ratio. With a head onboard, she will give you a full day out on the water.

View this boat at the Convention Centre 

Regal 3200 Bowrider
Everything is big on this boat and she entertains 16 guests in absolute comfort. The storage space on this boat is out of this world! The performance with Twin 5.7L engines is truly incomparable. 

View this boat on the Marina
The all new Regal 35 Sport Coupe is set to be the best 35 footer in its class. There is more new innovation on this baby than any other 35 footer in the world. We learnt Regal's annual sales increased by 314% based on the release of this beautiful boat! I'm so humbled and privileged to represent such a world leading brand like Regal Boats. 

If you're looking for a boat and want to learn why our boats are the best choice contact me now for more information! I look forward to seeing you at the Sydney International Boat Show at Darling Harbour! 

Happy and Safe BoatingLee and the Premier Marine Team!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Why You Should Consider a New Boat Over Second Hand? 

Just to be clear, I sell both new and second hand boats at Premier Marine and I've had over 10 years experience, which is the basis for my advice. I have no hidden agenda and only wish to give you some food for thought.  
Brand New Regal 3200 on Sydney Harbour 

I want you to buy a boat that suits you and your family best and I want you to be happy and get the lifestyle that you’re dreaming of. 

I've seen it all, both good and bad with boats and I believe forewarned is forearmed. 

And here’s the other most important point I wish to make….the best years of your boat will be the first 3-5 years. This is why boat savvy clients upgrade their boats at this time frame. Meaning, if you’re buying a boat that is 5 years old, you’re most likely to inherit the often expensive maintenance of changing your manifolds and risers etc. It’s just a fact that you need to know and accept. On new boats however, the technology has come a long way, which can take this 5 year maintenance program up to, for example, 15-20 years!! 

Main Benefits of New over Second Hand

Latest Technology including Ocean X Drives, which is a titanium ceramic coating based around the legs to make them 4 times stronger. In built sensor technology and Fresh Water Cooling, provides the best anti-corrosive solutions. 

Warranty is priceless on new boats.

A Dealer backed service is going to ensure you're supported ongoing, as opposed to no service with second hand boats.

Regal 2100 wins Australia's Best Trailer Boat for 2013
I believe the only choice is to buy new. Buy what you can afford and if this means buying a new 21 footer over an old 30 footer, then honestly, smaller and new is the only way to go. 

Whilst you want to trust the information provided by a seller, there's never a way to know just what has happened prior to your purchase! 
 It’s true that more often than not, you’re buying someone else’s problems, when you’re buying a second hand boat. As a dealer, we do the best we can to ensure the integrity of our second hand/trade in boats, but we can never be sure what’s going on underneath the hatch.

That's why we also sell our trade-in/second hand boats at a pricepoint as we know you will be spending more ongoing.

And you think getting a marine survey will ensure the integrity? Think again. Whilst it’s important to have a survey carried out, it’s not a guarantee the boat is in a good condition.

Just remember, there's absolutely no way to know if a boat has been through a hurricane for example; has been winterised correctly; or has sustained damage and been covered up for a quick sale. It's important to know there is no international warranty offered on a grey import! This is a major risk and I've actually had a call previously from a person who bought a boat in from the States only to find out there was major structural damage! They insisted I replace that boat with a new one. Long story short, he wasn't happy that the US dealer lied about the warranty, not to mention the fact that he would be looking at about $70,000 to change the electricals to suit Australia.

Boats that suffered through Hurricane Katrina were patched up and
sold internationally! 

My opinion is forewarned is forearmed and I’m happy to say I’m unique in my approach to clients as I don’t wish to just sell a boat without educating my clients. That way, when the trouble shooting begins, I can say “I told you so”. 

I have so many clients, whom I dearly love and wish only the best for their boating experiences. Often I will sell a second hand boat, even though I provide my advice that I think they should buy new instead. More often than not, after a short period of time and countless trouble-shooting, the feedback is always the same. "I should've listened to you in the first place and bought new."

Chris Craft 28 Corsair...Sydney most favoured day boat

Buying a boat is one of the most exciting purchases you will ever make as it truly is an investment in your lifestyle. It's so important that you choose wisely however, as the old saying, "the best 2 days of your boat is the day you buy your boat and the day you sell your boat" can be true if you buy a boat that doesn't live up to your expectations.

Boats can be like cars and you certainly get what you pay for. Don't be fooled by a 'steal' though, as if it seems too good to true, it probably is. You don't buy a 95 model Lancer expecting it to perform like a racing car. The same can be said for boats and even more so, considering the only thing your boat has to do is give you a pleasurable experience. With boating it's about the journey and not the destination, which is more of a reason to buy a good quality boat over a cheap one.

Whether you're buying new or second hand, when you're visiting the boats you've shortlisted, it's always beneficial if you have an experienced boater to attend with you. That way, they can ask the questions needed to ensure all the information is given to you so you can make an informed decision. 

There's nothing like being the Captain at the helm, especially when the helm is based off a 1960's Aston Martin!
Chris Craft Launch 28 Bowrider 

From someone who has been in love with boating for  over 10 years now, I can honestly say, boating is one of the most special and memorable experiences you can ever have and one I would definitely recommend to anyone who is toying with the idea. I cannot express how many times I've been thanked by my customers for literally changing their lives, which is testament to why you should all take a leap of faith and jump aboard what is set to enhance your lifestyle!

Happy  Boating! 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Miami Boat Show 2014 - Chris Craft, Regal and Absolute Yachts

Miami Boat Show is huge. It's glitzy and glamorous and you can't help but feel like you're among special people when walking through the show. It's a big show for Chris Craft and Regal Boats with both of our brands releasing new models. Visiting the Absolute stand and meeting the wonderful people behind the brand (for the first time) was amazing!  I love representing private/family owned companies! 

What a gorgeous stand by Absolute Yachts at Miami Boat Show.
Visiting the Absolute Yachts stand at Miami was unbelievable.  At the Press Conference with the founder Angelo Gobbi 

Steve Hannes, the Dealer Principal enjoying some vitamin D on the bow of the Absolute 64 STY! What an amazing spot to take in the scenery.

The Absolute 56 STY also offers a premium position for relaxing and taking in the scenery. With jetlag in full swing, it was great to take a moment to relax
Absolute 40 STL...my new favourite boat in the forty foot range.
A new favourite boat is the Absolute 40 STL. With an acute radar for tipping the next best boat for Sydney Harbour, this was an absolute standout! I loved the open plan cockpit and beautiful euro-chic cabin

The aft seating on the 40 STL begged to be enjoyed! I love that you can position the head rests to suit your own whim.

The Absolute 40 STL is so open and roomy! I loved the position of the helm and the fact that the cooking facilities were in the cockpit...absolutely on the wishlist for Sydney boaters.

The swim platform on the Absolute 40 STL is that big, that you could easily pop some comfy deckchairs out and read the morning paper! Now that's living the dream! 

Chris Craft Stand in Miami 

Chris Craft 36 Launch. What an amazing Deep Vee 

There's never been so much anticipation for a new release than that of the Chris Craft Launch 36. Just imagine, a huge bowrider with a massive cabin that sleeps INSERT.. Seeing this baby in the flesh only served to confirm how incomparable and iconic Chris Craft is.

The bow of the 36 Launch is jam packed with innovation! You can choose between filling out the entire area to make a cozy sunbed or have the area dedicated to riding up front. 

Steve,  the Dealer Principal taking one of the best seats in the house 

Chris Craft Capri 21 

The Capri is a beautiful 21 footer reminiscent of the iconic wooden boats of yesteryear. We're absolutely in love with this beautiful new release.

Welcome to the Regal Boats stand! And what a brilliant stand it was! With literally every model on display, it was easily among the biggest and best stands at the show!

The newly released Regal 32 Express was a real stand out for us on the Regal stand. We loved the massive cockpit and big, light and airy cabin!

The newly updated Regal 53 Sport Coupe! I loved the aft bench seat, lighting and pull out extendable shade. She's absolutely stunning and easily a stand out amongst any other 53 foot cruiser currently on the market.
One of the highlights to visiting the Miami Boat Show was taking a cruise on the Regal 53 Sport Coupe. She's not just a pretty face!! 

I want this car! Concept mercedes AMG on display with a Cigarette race boat. Very sexy!